The situation analysis in social media plan

In this article I will focus on one of the most important aspects of the Social Media Plan developing: the situation analysis. Before reaching this step we must already define the objectives and the target . After analysis of situation we should face the implementation of the plan and its subsequent monitoring. However , before launching the implementation of a campaign, we must do an analysis of the situation of our brand, product or company on social networking , but also the situation of our competition and target audience.

We can divide the analysis of the situation in three blocks:

  • Our brand: We have several simple questions : What are we doing (or not) with our brand ? How is our presence in social networks and what the public say about us? What communicates our web presence ( corporate’s website, blog , etc.)? Are these elements coordinated or aligned in order to achieve objectives ? Are they coordinated with marketing and and global communication policies? Is there tracking and monitoring processes running? There are many variables that can be summed up in have to have a mapping our online reputation.
  • Trends: We must known what is heppening on the social media. What is Internet penetration in our market, the new devices, what use is being made of the Internet, sociological variables (age ranges, gender, purchasing power …). In short, analyze all the variables that directly or indirectly affect our brand or product. For trends in Social Media, we will use tools such as Google Trends or IceRocket Trends in addition to Google search or Social Media Monitoring.
  • The competition:This part of the analysis of the situation is also linked to our brand and the social media trends. This is a qualitative and quantitative study of the presence of competition in social media that includes metrics, also a summary of their strategies in the media in terms of instruments used, style or language, etc.  This will allow us to learn from their weaknesses and mistakes, know the profile of their community (which may be similar to ours), know their recent successes in order to get a competitive advantage..Plan de Social media - Análisis de situación

This will involve monitoring tools (like Klout, Kred …) and others that will allow us to compare and understand the evolution of followers or fans on Twitter and Facebook, TwitterCounter (followers’ evolution on a Twitter account), TweetReach (the impact publications of an account), etc. There are also premium tools like SocialBro giving us a deeper and comprehensive analysis of the situation of our brand and competition.

We want to point out that some social media like Facebook are adding some useful tools like Pages to watch.

On the other hand, we present the conclusions of our analysis of the situation through a genuine classic marketing such as the SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis has four variables that can be classified as internal and external. They are:

  • Weaknesses  (internal): We may elaborate organizational constraints such as lack of knowledge of social media rules, the lack of integration of the strategy in Social Media in the overall marketing strategy and communication, the lack of clear objectives, metrics, HR. We could also mention here communication errors (or non communication) on social networks.
  • Threats (external): In this case we will focus more on exogenous factors such as competitor activity in social media. Again there could be other vectors that affects our target such as the economic crisis (reducing our sales) or the emergence of new communication channels where we have no presence (new social networks), etc.
  • Strengths (internal): Here we can analyze those aspects in which we have a competitive advantage at the start. They could be issues of quality or price of our products and services, but also the work done previously in some social media, the success of our offline marketing campaigns, the quality of our corporate design or the usability of our website. We must detail everything that makes us stronger in order to maintain and improve those actions.
  • Opportunities  (external): This time we will focus on what we can contribute by Social Media Plan. Open new communities in social networks, internationalize the presence of our brand, creating actions that set us apart in the market (contests, promotions, games or mobile apps, etc.), save money thanks to Social Media, and any other aspect important enough to implement it.


Finally, we will provide a tip that will allow our Social Media Plan does not seem a literary exercise of varying substance: we must attach figures to our document of conclusions allowing us to illustrate the real situation of our trademark, trends and competition. In order to achieve it we must use tools such as spreadsheets.

Tabla de datos de análisis de situación

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